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Jeremie is an award-winning music composer. He specializes in movies, TV and video games whilst also being a music producer, mixer and arranger for some emerging Montreal artists.

Having basically grown up in recording studios, influenced by a conductor great-grandfather, a pianist grandmother and his father, a composer, his music is characterized by his notable artistic sensibility and his jack-of-all-trades technical abilities.

His craft stems from different formations, including Electroacoustic Studies at the Concordia University, Advanced Mix and Mastering and Harmony at the Berklee College of Music as well as Music Composition at the CEGEP Saint-Laurent. He acquired most of his professional experience by working closely under Michel Corriveau's mentorship since 2006, which inevitably became a true partnership in 2014.

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Film / TV

TRUE NORTH - Yan England,  SRC

Co-Composition / Rearrangements - 2021

FRAGILE, Claude Desrosiers, SRC 

Editing / Rearrangements - 2019

Clara - Francis Papillon, INIS 

Composition - 2016

Boomerang - Charles-Olivier Michaud, TVA

Co-Arrangements - 2018

Les Bogues de la Vie - Louis Bolduc, TOU.TV / SRC

Composition - 2019

La Cours des Mirages - Zoé Pelchat Ouellet, INIS 

Composition - 2017

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Madame Bovary - Francis Papillon, Commercial

Composition - 2020

Je Suis Valide - Commercial, David Paradis / Geneviève Brochu - 2021

Operation Enfants-Soleil - TAM TAM TBWA, Commercial, Christian O'Brien - 2021

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Record Production



Composer / Theme (TV Series TVA 2022-)

Moi Non Plus

Composer / Theme (TV Series NOOVO 2021-)

Les Bogues de la Vie

Composer / Theme (Webseries TOU.TV 2019)


True North

Music editor / additional arrangements . (TV SRC, 2015 -)


Dans La Brume

Additional music editing  (Film, Canal+ France 2018)



Music Editor (TV, Canal+ France, 2016 – 2018)



Composer additional music / Music editor (TV, TVA, 2016 -)



Music Editor / Additional arrangements. (TV, TVA, 2016)


Mensonges Season 4

Music editor / Additional arrangements. (TV, TVA, 2018)


Composer (Short Film, INIS, 2015)



Co-Producer (OST, Michel Corriveau, 2016)

La Cour des Mirages

Composer (Short Film, INIS, 2016)


Co-Producer (LP, Michel Corriveau, 2019)


Co-Producer (LP, Michel Corriveau, 2014)


Co-Producer (OST, Michel Corriveau, 2013)



Producer / Mixer / Co-composer (EP, 2014)

NAVIR - Opposite Natures

Co-composer / Co-Producer / Arrangements, . (LP, 2016)


Lili et le Lutin

Producer / Mixer (Kids LP, 2015)



Air Canada, St-Hubert BBQ, CNESST, Génôme Québec. 

Awards and nomination


Winner: "Best Original Score", True North (2021)


Nominee Album of the Year Instrumental: Anna (Co-Producer) 2016

Nomine Album of the Year (KIDS): Lili et le Lutin (Producer / Mixer) 2015

Nominee Album of the Year Instrumental: OMNI (Co-Producer / Arrangements) 2014

Nominee Album of the Year Instrumental: Ésimesac (Co-Producer) 2013 


Winner of the Musiqualité award with the band "NAVIR"

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